Land Survey

McMullen Nolan Group provides industry leading land surveying services across Perth, Regional WA including Bunbury, Port Hedland, Newman, Broome, Kununurra, Margaret River and beyond on a range of Land Development, Subdivision, Engineering, Construction, Resources and Infrastructure projects.

3D Mobile and Terrestrial Laser Scanning

McMullen Nolan Group's innovative and industry recognised Terrestrial and Mobile Laser Scanning technologies are able to capture, visualise and model complex structures, transport corridors, sites and features with optimal levels of precision and safety.

Mapping & Spatial Services

McMullen Nolan Group provides high quality mapping services and associated products including Topographic Mapping, Orthophotos, Colour Balanced Mosaics, 3D Visualisation and Geographic Information Systems. Using our in-house IT and software developers, we can customise our systems to create the results you want.

Advanced Subsurface Investigations

Through our joint venture company GBGMAPS, McMullen Nolan Group offers specialist Advanced Subsurface Investigation capabilities in shallow geophysical and applied physics methods for underground geotechnical, environmental and engineering investigations.